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A dream came true : met Adam Lambert

The first three pics of this post are from the july 12 2012 ,I came from Italy to London (go and return in the same day) just to attend to the Queen’s show at Hammersmith Apollo Arena. It was my first time in London,never been here before that day..I came alone and it was a crazy adventure for me. The morning of that  day,at 5 am I was doing the check in and at the airport I’ve been told that my flight to London was postponed of 8 HOURS !! I was so upset,I couldn’t believe it! at 2:35 in the afternoon I was finally flying and I got the the Arena right at 6:30 pm !! The show was so good and Adam Lambert is just a perfect Artist : immense voice and stage presence !! He blew me away ! It’s been a crazy adventure but it worth it!! My dream is become a singer and he is a great inspiration to me,he’s my fave male artist,because no one can sing like him and his voice is so beautiful,so touching ,it gives goose bumps everytime you listen it.  I still remember the hot summer  days while I was working in the potatos field and in the farm in Sardinia and in the meantime I was listening to Trespassing on my mp3 , dreaming to being a singer ,meet him and say him thanks for his music and especially dreaming a better future than the present I was living… 

On october 2012 I moved to London to make a new life ,it’s not easy live here ,there is a lot of time to feel yourself alone and misunderrstood,but I think everyone must  fight to make the own dreams come true!

On june 3th 2014 ,Adam was invited at the Glamorous Awards ,so I decided to get there and wait to meet him,even if I was thinking it was impossible ,because there were a lot of guys ready to make selfie with every VIP of that night. At 4 pm I was queuing   and there were already 58 people,I was the 59th . Later I met Adam’s publicist  Shoshanna,a wonderful girl,and I asked, her in a shy way , if there was any chance to get a picture with him .At the end of the day ,at 1 am of the night there were nobody outside the Glamorous Awards location,no fans and no paparazzi,and when Adam got off ,I’ve had the chance to speak with him,not too much because I was shacking,I couldn’t believe it ,I couldn’t even think what was happening hahaha!! He approached me and he asked ‘Would you like a picture?’ I introduce myself,he ‘s been so adorable and sweet,he got that I was getting emotional,then We took the picture, and Shoshanna asked me if I was waiting all day ,and I replied ‘Yes,I was waiting just for Adam’ .and they were surprised  because there was soooo cold,and it was raining too in the afternoon !! Adam told me ‘Now go home and have rest’ in a sweet way ,he gave me a delicate high five ,because he was wearing a lot of amazing rings and we said goodbye. 

It’s been a fantastic night,and waiting 12 hours standing in the cold,without eating and drinking anything paid off and it’s rare Iwould do it for someone !! It’s so strange to see his face next to mine in this picture!! I’m so happy !! It’s an EPIC photo to me haha!


Adam on facebook 

part 2


Adam on facebook 

part 1

"I really wish there was a web series of Elliot hanging out with his other friends, telling them about the insane group of people he’s met recently… ‘They all went to this high school that just, like, churns out professional entertainers, and, I swear, when they’re not trying to live with me, they all stay in one apartment that doesn’t even have any walls. Super weird, man.’" (x)

Semi Precious Weapons - I'd Look to the Stars If I Had You (feat. Adam Lambert)
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I’d Look to the Stars If I Had You

Look to the Stars by Semi Precious Weapons vs. If I Had You by Adam Lambert..

I’ll probably redo this if/when I get the instrumental for Look to the Stars.


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